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Saffron and cheese 'mezze maniche' style pasta

An extremely tasty pasta dish, simple and fast to prepare. The important thing here is having the right quality ingredients  and the dish shall be a real success!


Ingredients for 4 people

Let's begin making the cheese and saffron mezze maniche pasta: first put a large pan of salted water to the boil. While you wait, put the cream in a large frying pan and warm it through, adding the three cheeses little by little. Melt the mixture completely by mixing it with a whisk and add the saffron and a ladle of water from the pasta. Add salt, to taste, and dust with pepper.

Drain the pasta and stir well and add chopped parsley.

If you would like to bring out the dish as best you can, we suggest a good Sauvignon wine as an accompaniment. 

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