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Rice Arancini

Today we would like to let you explore the explosion of tastes of Sicilian cuisine, choosing one of the most characteristic dishes of the island: Rice arancini. Arancini are little balls that can be enjoyed both for an aperitif and as an appetiser or even as a dish on their own. In Sicily, it is possible to find the, everywhere: in cafés, bakers, at restaurants or fried food places and they are always served aromatic and hot. You can find hundreds of different variations of rice arancini but today we have decided to prepare the classic recipe with you.


Ingredients for 12 arancini:

• 500 g of Vialone Nano rice

• 1 packet of saffron

• 100 g of caciocavallo cheese

• 30 g of butter

• 1,2 l of water

• Salt

For the ragù filling:

• Salt to taste

• Ground black pepper

• ½ onion

• 25 g of butter

• 100 g of minced pork

Extra Virgin Olive Oil to taste

• 200 ml of tomatoes

• 80 g of peas

• 50 g of caciocavallo cheese

• 50 ml of red wine

For the Batter:

• 200 g of flour

• 300 ml of water

• Salt to taste

For the breadcrumb coating:

• Breadcrumbs

• Sunflower oil

let's begin preparing the rice arancini. First of all put the rice to cook in 1,2l of water in such a way that, when the rice is cooked, the water will be completely absorbed. Add the saffron, the butter and grated caciocavallo cheese, mixing them all together well. Put the rice on a large tray and cover with cling film to not let the rice dry out as it cools down.

Starting the ragú: chop the onions finely, let it brown in two tablespoons of oil and then add the minced meat. Let it all brown well and add the wine to marinade. Now we can add the tomato and peas.

When it is all ready and the rice has cooled down, we can begin preparing the rice arancini. Take a spoonful rice and place it in the palm of your hand and commence making a hollow area in the middle where we can put a few cubes of caciocavallo cheese and a teaspoon of ragú. Then we can take another spoon of rice which will cover the top, and we now mould it into a pear shape. Now we have all of the arancini ready we can make the batter by whisking the flour and water paying attention to not leave any lumps.

At this point we can roll the arancini in the breadcrumbs and deep fry them (the oil should be very hot).

Rice arancini have numerous variations and we can fill them with whatever we please.

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