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Pennoni pasta with speck and friarielli

The recipe that we are going to try out today will introduce us to some decisive and particular flavours. When combined, they give us a tasty and flavourful dish that can also be served in one meal. We shall be putting together a product from the north of Italy such as speck with friarielli from Naples and we can taste how exceptional the results of this dish are!


Ingredients for 4 people:
-2 thick slices of speck
-1 jar of Neapolitan broccoli (friarielli)
-Extra virgin olive oil with garlic and chilli
-1 shallot onion
-black pepper
-40g butter
-400g pennoni pasta

We have all of the ingredients ready to prepare pennoni with friarielli and speck, in just a few minutes, we shall have the perfect combination of the Mediterranean flavour and that of the Alps, ready at the table... Only Italian cuisine can be so delicious.

First of all, finely dice the shallot and cut the speck into cubes, take a large pan and brown the onion with extra virgin olive oil and then add the cubes of speck and the friarielli, which have been drained of their oil. Cook on a low heat. In the mean time, put the water to boil for the pasta.

Drain the pennoni pasta when it is cooked "al dente" and mix in the pan with the other ingredients. Our dish is ready, if you like you can serve the pasta with a little dusting of

Reggiano Parmesan cheese and accompany it with a cold bottle of rosé merlot.

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