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Paccheri pasta with ‘nduja and ricotta cheese

Today we want to take a trip to Calabria and use one of the area's most famous products: 'nduja. Technically, 'nduja is a spicy salami that can be used in many a recipe: to make "crostini", on pizza and even in pasta dishes. On this occasion, I have decided to use it together with paccheri pasta and ricotta cheese, an unusual combination that mixes the strong flavors of the 'nduja with the delicate taste of ricotta cheese, not to mention with an interesting shape of pasta.


Ingredients for 54 people:

• 320 g of Paccheri pasta
• 150 grams of ‘nduja
• 250 grams of ricotta
• a few leaves of basil
• a pinch of salt
• a little extra virgin olive oil
• a clove of garlic

It is simple to prepare paccheri with 'nduja and ricotta and above all, fast. In just a few minutes you have the possibility to bring a delicate yet tasty dish to the table. Take a non stick pan and let the garlic brown lightly. When it is lightly browned, take it out of the pan and replace it with the 'nduja, cut into pieces. Bring the water for the pasta to the boil, put our paccheri in it and drain it when it is al dente,leaving a couple of ladles of the leftover water to one side for later. Put e pastas the pan with the 'nduja and mix it well. Add the ricotta and a ladle of water so that it all mixes together nicely. At theirs point we can add a couple of basil leaves and we are ready to serve.

We can accompany the paccheri with 'nduja and ricotta with either a nice red or dry white wine.

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