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This story starts a very long time ago...

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This story starts a very long time ago.  A time way before ours.  A time when our grand-grand parents and even before them others, created a way of life for all of us.  Our story starts with the tales of our grandmothers and their incredible sense of authenticity about our culture, our land and all that it gives us if we know where to look.  Each one of us grew up in different homes but with the same respect for all that is real and truly Italian.  See, today we live in a world that has put too much value on efficiency and greed.  And in the process it has lost the taste for all that really matters. And food has lost its real taste.  Reality television has made us lose sight of real reality.

Of course, we continue to bring this culture to our children and making sure that it will survive for many more centuries. That is why each one of us brings our kids to buy mozzarella where mozzarella is made on Sunday and bread where there is a real burning oven.  But, well, the three of us one night, of course over some great food and wine in Rome, felt a responsibility to do something more. And, even if we can’t change all that is ugly and wrong, maybe we can start to bring something that has been at the center of our lives from the beginning.  A sane, healthy and authentic relationship with food and wine from our land.

What you will find on Passione Italiana are traditions that have existed for hundreds and thousands of years. Italy has so much to give to the world.  And passione is definitely on the top of the list.  Passione for food that is not just about fuel for the body but nourishment for the soul.  Food that brings people together to stop from the craziness of everyday life.  Wine that has a real story behind and not just a big factory.  Olive oils that come from trees that remember the poetry of Dante and Boccaccio.  Passione is after all made out of 1 part sun, 1 part warmth and one hundred parts love.

So, Passione Italiana is simply our lives, the lives of three Italians from different regions, backgrounds and experiences.  Our lives through the lens of the food, wine, oil, mozzarelle and pasta that have made us who we are today. 

We hope you will find in this site not just some great food, but some Italian sun that hopefully will become an inspiration for a story of your own to tell the world.

Buon appetito. And live with passion