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Domenico grew up under the care of his Grandmother. Should we even continue? Well, now He runs two advertising agencies. One in New York and one in Copenhagen. And yet, He still believes that it's important to feel the food not just eat it. He loves to venture in his travels around the world in every little shop, every little producer of good food to taste what is real and authentic. So, he continues that tradition by making sure his two little girls never ever walk inside of a fast food and realize that food is more than fuel. Food is life.




Vincenzo is the oldest of the group and uses this fact to impart his wisdom on everyone who will listen, and even some who won't. Being from Rome, he has a strong sense of hospitality, a genuine care for his neighbors. This is why he invented the first bed & breakfast online agent in Italy, Paris and Brazil. At the table, he never compromises and would never eat stuff made in a factory; a belief he's also passed down to his four boys. Yes, four! In a sense, his fellow Italians are all his family. He may rant or complain about them, but he has nothing but love for his blood. One thing still on his bucket list is to convince his French friends that Italian wine is the best in the world. But we all know the French...



THE savvy ONE

For many years, Manfredi led the Italian Government's office for the promotion of food and wine throughout the world. It's fair to say he's one of the top experts. He would certainly say it about himself, and for good reason. He introduced Italian specialties into countries around the world; from China to Brazil to Australia. He knows hundreds of manufacturers and personally selects the finest deals. And don't get him started on wine- unless you have hours to listen to every detail of his wine making and exporting process. But his obsessive attention to quality is why he's the perfect man for this job. If you can get Manfredi off the topic of Italian food and wine, he'll probably talk about his Tuscan heritage or his die-hard support for the Fiorentina football club. (Don't feel bad for him) He's a self-proclaimed expert on those, too.