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Asiago DOP "stagionato" ns. selezione


In the heart of Veneto, Padua, Treviso and Vicenza are the provinces that host the production dell'Asiago Dop cheese, which takes its name from the homonymous plateau of broad fertile meadows which are in the sun for many hours each day. Here,...


Bagoss di malga


Bagoss is the name of the inhabitants of Bagolino, a small town in the province of Brescia, from which it takes its name. This cheese is made from semi-skimmed cow milk following an ancient tradition and, during the production phase, a teaspoon of...


Caciocavallo di razza "podolica"


Unlike other cheese products in Italy, this is different because it is made exclusively with Podolica cow's milk and only at certain times of the year following traditional methods. Caciocavallo Podolica has the characteristic flask shape and is a...


Castelmagno di alpeggio stagionato 6 mesi


Born in the province of Cuneo, this cheese is recognisable from the typical blue-green veins carved in ivory. Castelmagno PDO is one of the most popular cheeses of Piedmont with its characteristic cylindrical shape. A semi-hard cheese made from...


Monte veronese dell'Alta Lessinia


Monte Veronese PDO is produced with cow's milk of three different ages: Monte Veronese whole milk matured from 25 to 60 days, Monte Veronese of Mezzano produced exclusively with semi-skimmed cow's milk, with a maturation that varies between 3 and...


Pecorino crete senesi buccia rossa


The red skin that envelopes the cheese shows the freshness of the product, soft and light in taste. Optimum when tasted with a Chianti. After a long period of maturation of two months in humid caves of this city, Senese, it is ready to be tasted...


Pecorino romano DOP "biologico" nostra selezione


The Romans, in addition to knowing all about fresh consumption, also knew of the aged cheese Pecorino Romano, which dates back to the imperial according to the writings of Pliny the Elder. Between October and November the processing of this superb...


Provolone artigianale del Monaco


Provolone from the Campania region is still handmade following the process of traditional production and maturation, which varies between 6 and 18 months. A tasty cheese that goes well with local red wines such as Aglianico. A great story is...

€20.10-10 % €18.10

Ragusano di razza "modicana"


Ragusano PDO is one of the oldest Sicilian cheeses and is produced in the provinces of Ragusa and Siracusa. A stringy cheese made from whole cow 's milk, it has a sweet and delicate taste in early maturation, becoming tasty and spicy with the...


Raschera d'alpeggio


Raschera PDO is linked to the thousand scents of alpine cow's milk and owes its name to a pasture at the foot of Mount Mongioie in the province of Cuneo in Piedmont. Its characteristic square shape made it easier to transport, back when...



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