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Anisì Manfredi is a liqueur made from the aniseed, typical of the Mediterranean, infused in alcohol. Also used for the preparation of bread, cakes or to flavour dishes, green anise has many therapeutic properties useful to our health. The...




The Lemoni Manfredi Limoncello is a liqueur made from untreated lemons, Which are grown and matured in Calabria. It is Obtained using the rind, removing the inside of the fruit and macerated in alcohol for at least 40...


Liquore al finocchietto

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The fennel liqueur “finocchietto” is a digestive drink with an aroma that comes through thanks to its careful preparation. After harvesting, the seeds of fennel are left in the alcoholic infusion and then combined with a sugar...


Liquore al lauro

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The infusion of young laurel leaves and alcohol are added to a solution of water and sugar. The “lauro” or “laurel” liqueur was first found in liqueur shops and restaurants. With no preservatives or added colouring,...



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Prepared according to the recipe, which has been passed down through generations, the mandarin liqueur “mandarinetto” is a fragrant digestive beverage, colourful and clean, and is made from the infusion of mandarin peel in...




Samba Manfredi is a dense sweet liqueur made from the star anise, Sambuca. Typical of southern Italy and is well known throughout the world, the basic ingredient of this fragrant liqueur is the fruit of star anise, a medicinal plant intended for...