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Italian Dessert Wine

Il Serafino vino e visciole

Fuori Porta

Serafino is a good dessert wine produced by Podere Casella Musighin, the farm of Urbania in Le Marche. A wine obtained by the fermentation of sour cherries and sugar, this gem has even been cited by the Duke of...


Isola Dei Nuraghi DOC Pontis (2012)


Pontis, just as all those of the Contini winery, takes its name from the this part of Sardinia's tradition. The Pontis fishmarket is known as the place where roe is produced. Pontis is a white...


Lazio IGT Kefi 2011


Kefi is a difficult word to translate. It has been described by the Greeks as the spirit of joy, passion, enthusiasm, cheerfulness, and frenzy. The name of this sweet wine was chosen by Francesca Romana Wolf, the...




The Monsavium is produced by the Fiorini Wineary in the north of Marche. It is a wine that originates from the grapes of Bianchello, naturally dried in ventilated attics for a period of three months. Sweet, warm...


Umbria IGT Paxito (2008)

Coste del Faena

The Coste del Faena Winery produces the Paxito sweet wine, made with Sagrantino grapes. The production takes place in oak barrels for at least two years. Paxito shows an intense ruby colour, the fragrance is...


Vernaccia Di Oristano DOC Antico Gregori


The Contini winery has always been identified with the Vernaccia in Oristano, which is a sherry-like fortified wine of the Antico Gregori label. This wine is dry and lively on the palate with flavours of nuts and...


Vernaccia Di Oristano DOC Componidori (2003)


Componidori is a white wine made with Grenache grapes, its long ageing takes place in oak and chestnut for about 7 years. It has both a dry and full bodied taste. This is a meditating wine, it...


Vernaccia Di Oristano DOC Vernaccia Riserva (1990)


The Contini family have been using the Cabras land in the Sinai Peninsula for centuries. Situated between the sea and the golden beaches, these 80 acres of land are kept especially for the production of...


Vinsanto del Chianti Classico (2006)

Castello Monterinaldi

The Vin Santo is one of the wines to be enjoyed the end of the meal, best known and appreciated by past generations of Tuscany. It is obtained by stretching the grapes on beds of reeds so that in wilting, the...


Vinsanto del Chianti Classico DOC (2008)

Castello Monterinaldi

The Vin Santo DOC 2008 by Monterinaldi is a typical Tuscan dessert wine made from three types of grapes: Trebbiano, Malvasia and Sangiovese. After careful harvesting, the grapes are left to dry hanging in the...



The most authentic way to end an Italian meal is with an Italian dessert wine.  With all the decadent flavors these wines have to offer, Italian dessert wines can be sweet, rich and dense, yet they still contain local characteristics of where they’re produced.  It’s a dessert in which you’ll be able to break the conventional rules of dining.  Having a taste before the meal is over or enjoying a glass as a way to satisfy your sweet tooth is perfectly acceptable.