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Ciauscolo "puro suino"


Ciauscolo is one of the best known and loved Italian sausages to be found. Famous as a spreadable cold meat, this Marche-born product is obtained from the processing of the tastiest parts of the pig such as the shoulder, bacon and ham, which are...


Salame artigianale di suino di cinta senese DOP


The Cinta Senese Salami is a typical salami of the province of Siena and is only obtained from the processing of high-quality meat from breed of pig, middling between the classic pig and wild boar. Still bred in the wild and slaughtered within 16...

€33.00-8 % €30.40

Salame artigianale finocchiona


Amongst the most renowned salamis of Tuscany, this Finocchiona gets its name from the combination of pork and fennel seeds, which are added in working the meat, together with a small quantity of red wine. A soft and lightly matured cold cut,...


Salame di cervo


The venison salami is a typical product of Trentino Alto Adige and recipes can change from valley to valley and it can also be processed and produced in other Italian regions. It is a product designed for lovers of strong flavours like those...


Salame di Felino stagionato 50gg


Felino salami comes strictly from selected pigs that are born, raised and slaughtered in Italy according to the same characteristics used on the farms in the production of Prosciutto di Parma. The 'salumeria' culture has formed, evolved and been...



Salami is made from mixing ground meat with fat. The name is derived from the salting process which is necessary for preservation. There are many types of Italian salami each with its own particular flavor. Finocchiona di cinta senese is a typical Tuscan salami wrapped in wild fennel that has a unique spicy flavor. Soppressata calabrese is seasoned with black pepper, red pepper and fennel seeds. It's now possible to purchase salami and many more products online.