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Colatura di alici di "Cetara"


Anchovy sauce is an amber liquid put through a unique process of salt preservation, it is a typical excellency and is traditionally produced in a small fishing village on the Amalfi Coast. Freshly caught fresh anchovies are cut and left in sea...


Filetti di alici sott'olio di Cetara


Fishing and conservation of anchovies is a century-old tradition typical of Cetara, a small fishing village on the Amalfi Coast in Campania. Traditionally, the anchovies are preserved, salted or pickled. Time is very important in the preservation...

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Nero di seppia


This dark liquid released from the cuttlefish was once used as ink, while today it is almost exclusively used in cooking as a seasoning for pasta dishes. The main focus is in Sicilian, Tuscan and Venetian cuisines and we advise to try a...



Have you invited friends over for dinner? Do you want to prepare a delicious and special meal? Then there are some things you must always stock in your kitchen. Without leaving home you can purchase bottarga di muggine sarda with which you can prepare a spaghetti dish in ten minutes with extra virgin olive oil.  You can also purchase anchovy fillets in oil accompanied with parmigiano reggiano or pecorino, all served with a good white wine. Everything will be delivered directly to your home within hours.