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Olive "Bella di Cerignola" cal. 24


The "Bella di Cerignola" is large and elongated olive, of similar shape to a plum, which has traditionally been produced in Puglia since the time of the Aragonese in the fifteenth century. Great as an appetiser accompanied by a dry white wine....

€20.10-18 % €16.50

Olive taggiasche con nocciolo in salamoia


“Taggiasche” olives come from the Ligurian coast and take their name from the town of Taggia where they have been cultivated for centuries. Purple in in colour, with a thick shape at the base and thinner at the apex, the taggiasca are...


Olive taggiasche denocciolate in olio


Another way to keep the olives and oil. Because of this preserved olives are pitted, it must be a substantial natural preservative, such as olive oil, to protect them from excessive softening. Taggiasche pitted olives in have been awarded for...



The olive tree is one of the most ancient plants as well as one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. Olive groves evoke age-old stories and traditions, and the olive branch is a symbol of peace. Fruit from the tree has a high concentration of fat and is used to produce extra virgin olive oil. But green olives and black olives are also widely used in Italian recipes. Black olives can be produced from green olives after darkening in a alkaline solution or from naturally ripe olives harvested between November and December. We recommend using olives for appetizers, fresh salads or stewing rabbit or chicken.