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Fiore sardo di Gavoi stagionato


Among the many cheeses of Sardinia, Fiore Sardo DOP represents the symbol and synthesis of the cheese-making tradition of this land, and certainly helped to spread its name. Everything in the product belongs to Sardinia: from the milk of local...

€13.80-20 % €11.00

Gran sardo (forma)


A soft and slightly spicy cheese, from its intense aroma and characteristic white grainy mould, the Gran Sardo is produced with sheep's cheese from the pastures of central Sardegna. It is a good table cheese that is well accompanied by sweet...


Gran Sardo stagionato 36 mesi


The Gran Sardo is a cheese made from semi-skimmed sheep's milk, produced in Sardinia according to a very advanced technique similar to that used to produce Grana Padano. The cheese is left to mature for at least 20 months, but it reaches its...


Grana padano DOP di Mantova 16 mesi forma


Produced in 32 provinces between Emilia, Lombardy, Veneto and Piedmont, Grana Padano cheese takes its name from the distinctive granular paste that composes it. Made from cow's milk, it is aged for a period ranging from 9 to 22 months, taking a...


Parmigiano reggiano scelto DOP "Vacche rosse" 24 mesi


The absolute protagonist, ambassador of Italian cuisine to the world, this Parmigiano Reggiano born from the milk of  “Red Cows" or “Vacche Rosse”, a breed of cattle introduced from the sixth century AD, whose milk has...


Parmigiano Reggiano scelto DOP di Mantova stravecchio (24 mesi) forma "Collina"


A product excellence in Italian dairy tradition, this is a semi-fat hard cheese which is produced from non pasteurised semi-skimmed cow's milk. Rich in calcium and protein, its water content is never higher than 30%. This means that the...

€10.00-11 % €8.90

Parmigiano reggiano scelto DOP di Mantova stravecchio (24 mesi) forma "Pianura"


Thanks to the work of the Benedictine monks, a round, smooth and pale yellow cheese, Parmigiano Reggiano, has been produced since the Middle Ages. In over than a thousand years of history, methods and processing techniques have not at all changed:...


Pecorino crete senesi lunga stagionatura


Also known as “Pecorino di Pienza”, this pecorino is produced exclusively with cheese from sheep, bred in Tuscany. After a long period of maturation of two months in humid caves of this city, Senese, it is ready to be tasted along side...


Pecorino romano "Brunelli" stagionato 20 mesi


The Brunelli dairy is one of the most renowned producers of cheese in Lazio and this mature Pecorino, matured for 20 months, represents its excellence. Made with the milk of sheep, which graze exclusively in the territory near to Rome, it is...


Pecorino romano DOP buccia nera stagionato 8 - 11 mesi ns. selezione


The sharpness of taste depends on the period of maturation. The texture of this cheese is slightly granular but soft at the same time and is presented with a remarkably consistent crust. The scent has notes of fresh milk with a pleasant smoky...

€6.10-8 % €5.60


We recommend hard cheeses for everyone who loves strong flavors and a full palate experience. Passione italiana offers a full range of pecorino online of the highest quality from throughout Italy. Pecorino Romano, depending on its age, can be eaten alone, accompanied with a full-bodied Italian red wine or grated onto a traditional amatriciana pasta. Parmigiano Reggiano is the king of the Italian dining table, can be eaten all day long and enhances the flavor of any dish. Pecorino sardo when  accompanied with a good red cannonau wine is an exhilarating experience.