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Bitto delle Valli del Bitto


Produced with a mix of cow's and goat's milk, this cheese from Lombardy takes the PDO status, which is reserved for traditional products that identify their territory, in this case the high hills of Valtellina. The workmanship process that takes...


Fontina d'alpeggio


The two hundred mountain pastures, the spotted red, black and brown cows, and the farmers who wake up at 3 am for the first milking of the day, to take the milk needed to make one of the most popular Italian cheeses in the world, Fontina PDO....

€12.50-11 % €11.10

Gorgonzola a fermentazione naturale


Gorgonzola, typical cheese of Lombardy, from its characteristic aroma, has over the years become a protagonist amongst the most appreciated Italian cheeses, even on an international scale. The naturally fermented version of this cheese that we...


Taleggio di malga della Valsassina


The Taleggio PDO is a cheese from whole cow's milk that was once only produced in the high valley of Bergamo. Today the cheese is also made in Piedmont and Veneto. although in Valsassina, Bergamo,  the natural caves are perfect for maturation...



Italian soft cheese can be used for cooking and preparing tasty, simple recipes. Among the high quality soft cheeses produced in Italy is burrata, a stretched curd cheese similar to mozzarella with a creamier texture. Burrata is perfect with a salad seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar and is also used in some pasta recipes. Taleggio di malga is another tasty soft cheese which is best combined with Italian Franciacorta wine or used it to make a delicious risotto with mushrooms and pumpkin.