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Father's Day Lunch

Father's day is just around the corner and, as always, every one of us would like to celebrate our father in the best way possible with the best and most original and practical gift. I have realised, over the years, that the best gift I can give my Dad is to cook him a lovely lunch with everything that he likes the most. This way I know for sure that he will enjoy his day and, above all, will really get the feeling that we have been thinking of him throughout the day, something that is special.

The cusine that my father prefers is traditional Italian and the quality of the raw materials used is obvious to him, obviously, for this reason I turned to for Aldo, Nicola and Luigi's advice and was able to achieve a perfect lunch with bells on, not only for the recipes but for all of the products that I was able to find for our traditional menu.

It was quite easy to bring everything from the antipasto to the dessert to the table with al of the special touches that my father appreciates. He particularly enjoyed the combination of the good food, red wine and grappa at the end of the meal.

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