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The trademark and related licenses are the property of Web Strategies Srl (hereto referred to as “Passione Italiana” ) based in Rome Corso Vittorio Emanuele II n. 282, and registered with the Rome Chamber of Commerce with VAT and fiscal code number  12538131009.

The sale of Passione Italiana products takes place through the website and partner sites and affiliates with the following General Sales Conditions.

Passione Italiana offers a wide selection of Italian gastronomy (wines, other alcoholic products and food products) to ‘users’ through its website. ‘Users’ means physical or legal persons located in Italy, within the EU or outside the EU.

For the sale of alcoholic products it is necessary that ‘users’ declare themselves to be 18 years or older (20 years old or older for Sweden)  thus freeing Passione Italiana of any responsibility from false declarations.

The General Sales Conditions exclusively regulates the offer, acceptance, delivery, means of purchase and the right to return purchased products on the Passione Italiana website by users of and affiliated sites and Web Strategies Srl. It does not regulate anything which is not mentioned, in particular services and performances offered by third parties.

Sales Contract

The Sales Contract is deemed submitted at the moment the user sends the purchase form accompanied by payment and by the successive sending on the part of Passione Italiana to the user of the order confirmation number accompanied by the invoice.

Passione Italiana reserves the right to consider orders invalid which are incomplete or erroneous. In such cases the customer assistance will be available to correct data and validate the sales contract.

In cases where for reasons beyond the control or responsibility of Passione Italiana such as the unavailability of products already ordered and confirmed Passione Italiana will take care to provide users with alternative products of equal or greater value, and in cases where such proposals are refused users will be entitled to a full refund within 10 days of the first order.

At the moment of the order the user declares under their own responsibility to understand and accept the General Sales Conditions and to accept the terms in full.

Guarantees and Product Prices

The products available on Passione Italiana and affiliated websites have been selected with great care directly by experts in the sector and members of the Passione Italiana staff, guaranteeing quality according to the highest standards and with respect to the standards set by official regulators.

The information regarding products has been provided by producers and therefore Passione Italiana, although making accurate controls, cannot be held responsible for any information contained on labels and what these indicate regarding the characteristics of the product.

All prices listed on Passione Italiana and affiliated websites include VAT. The cost of transportation is indicated separately (in the checkout page which proceeds payment) as well as excise duties applicable in certain Scandinavian countries.

Deliveries are made daily across Europe and the cost of transportation communicated to the user before purchase varies according to the indications of the courier as does the date of delivery.

If the user receives a parcel with visible signs of external damage or deterioration making the contents impossible to use delivery by the courier must be refused, Passione Italiana will take it upon itself to resend the goods without any expense to the user with the same products purchased or if these are unavailable with products of equal or greater value. The above conditions will also apply should the user discover damaged goods only after opening a package by informing Passione Italiana customer service ( ) within 48 hours of receiving the package.

Should a user decide to use their right of return, Passione Italiana maintains the right to refuse restitution of products in the case where the essential and qualitative characteristics of products have been damaged or partially consumed.

Means of Payment

The means of payment are clearly indicated on the order form which includes besides the cost of merchandise (including VAT), the cost of transportation and any eventual duties for delivery in particular in countries subject to such taxation.

Accepted means of payment include all major credit cards (including pre-paid cards), Paypal and bank transfer. In the case of payment by bank transfer any eventual commission fees applied by the bank will be at the expense of the user.

Transactions by credit cards and Paypal are guaranteed by Sella Bank which uses the cryptographic protocol with maximum SSL protection in order to manage sensitive credit card data so that no one outside the bank can access this information.

All other personal information and data related to the user (name, surname, address and email) will be used by Passione Italiana for the sole purpose of registration and delivering confirmed orders. Only in the case of fraud and upon specific request by relevant authorities will user data be shared for the purpose of investigation. This topic is further covered in the Privacy Policy section of the website.

Sending and Delivery of Products

The products ordered and assembled exclusively by Passione Italiana staff use patented packaging capable of maintaining contents in ideal condition throughout their transport and until delivery to the indicated user.

Within 24 working hours of order confirmation packages are picked up by couriers selected by Passione Italiana in order to guarantee the best condition of transport and speed of delivery.

The couriers used by Passione Italiana are among the best in Europe ( SDA, FEDEX, UPS, ESV, GTS ). Passione Italiana is not responsible in the case of delays or incidents for which the couriers are responsible.

To guarantee the correct flow of information with the couriers users are asked to control the data inserted during registration of which they are responsible. In particular the data regarding payment (specifically the name of the payee, address of the payee and email) and delivery (specifically the name of the receiver, address of the receiver, telephone and email).

The estimated delivery time will be indicated for each order on the form preceding purchase. Regarding highly perishable products such as fresh cheese which requires extremely fast refrigerated transport special delivery instructions will be indicated on the product description which informs the user of the time and costs which vary from ordinary delivery.

For whatever information or query regarding delivery of products users can contact customer care directly by email at  or by telephone on +39 06 6810 1160

Right of Restitution and Refund

According to the overseeing normative of legislation 206/05, the user has the right to rescind the contract of purchase without any penalty within 30 working days from the reception of merchandise by providing written notification to Passione Italiana using the above procedure.

It is not possible however to substitute single products chosen with other items without additional costs. Our customer care service will be available to users to provide maximum assistance by email ( ) or telephone at +39 06 6810 1160

The notification of restitution must include the order number and the users bank coordinates in order that Passione Italiana administration can proceed with the refund which will be sent within 10 working days from the time the product is returned. The right of restitution is regulated by laws which provide for the integrally of returned products and delivery expenses paid by the user.

Privacy and Controversies

With regards to privacy of the user Passione Italiana refers to overseeing norms, for details it is possible to consult the Privacy Policy section of our website.

Any eventual legal controversies will be regulated according to Italian law, the relevant tribunal will be that of Rome. Except with the express authorization of the user Passione Italiana can use their details for purposes of  communication and commercial offers exclusively related to the products and services listed on and affiliate websites.

The General Sales Conditions applied by Passione Italiana refer to the Italian laws which regulate the sector ( D.L 2006/2005 , DL 70/2003 )

Any modifications to the General Sales Conditions will be updated and published on and affiliate websites and will be valid from the date of their publication.