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Aldo's special offers

'Nduja in involucro naturale "Orbetta"


When it comes to Calabrian products, one of the first that comes to mind is definitely 'nduja- the soft salami and spicy which, according to some, takes its name from the Latin word "inducere" meaning “introduce” while others derive it...

€5.90-10 % €5.30

Prosciutto di Bassiano con osso 18 mesi ( INTERO )


The Prosciutto Bassiano is a product with origins dating back since to the days of ancient Rome. The production of this typical ham of the Lazio region still takes place today following traditional methods. The selected pigs are in fact...

€210.50-20 % €168.30

Prosciutto di cinghiale (polpa stagionata) senza osso


Wild boar meat is very tasty and sought after as it combines the typical flavour of pork with that of game. The wild boar prosciutto is smaller in size than pork, it is aged no longer than 16 months , and is finely distinguished from other types...

€24.80-15 % €21.10

Salame artigianale di suino di cinta senese DOP


The Cinta Senese Salami is a typical salami of the province of Siena and is only obtained from the processing of high-quality meat from breed of pig, middling between the classic pig and wild boar. Still bred in the wild and slaughtered within 16...

€33.00-8 % €30.40

Special Offers

In Aldo's shop it's possible to find all the best Italian specialties needed to organize a delicious aperitif or a quick lunch or dinner, all accompanied by exceptional Italian wines. In this section you can purchase online high quality made in Italy products and discover special offers for Parma ham or promotions for Mortadella from Bologna. With offers from the passioneitaliana deli your table will feature the best of Italian gastronomy!