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La caprese is a fresh dish that is part of the Mediterranean diet.  In Italy, you can eat this dish anytime of the year.  However, it is better on a hot summer day accompanied by a glass of very cold Italian white wine


•    Extra virgin olive oil
•    Fresh tomatoes
•    Buffalo mozzarella
•    Basil
•    Salt

The real secret of a good caprese is the buffalo mozzarella campana doc that gives a delicious flavor to the dish and it tastes so unique and elegant that it can transform even a simple dish into a rich gourmet dish.

Slice a fresh not too red tomato and cut the buffalo mozzarella into slices.
Place the tomato and mozzarella slices in intervals on a plate - It will be a real composition.  Sprinkle it with a pinch of salt and extra virgin olive oil.  Enrich it with a few fresh basil leaves and serve the dish with a glass of Italian white wine.

For those who wish to give a personal touch to la caprese, you can add a bit of oregano or even a pinch of pepper.  If you want to give the dish a more distinct taste, you can add a few drops of aceto balsamico. Your fresh, tasty and healthy Mediterranean dish is ready to be served at the table.

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