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Nicola' special offers

Fiore sardo di Gavoi stagionato


Among the many cheeses of Sardinia, Fiore Sardo DOP represents the symbol and synthesis of the cheese-making tradition of this land, and certainly helped to spread its name. Everything in the product belongs to Sardinia: from the milk of local...

€12.80-20 % €10.20

Fontina d'alpeggio


The two hundred mountain pastures, the spotted red, black and brown cows, and the farmers who wake up at 3 am for the first milking of the day, to take the milk needed to make one of the most popular Italian cheeses in the world, Fontina PDO....

€11.60-11 % €10.30

Parmigiano Reggiano scelto DOP di Mantova stravecchio (24 mesi) forma "Collina"


A product excellence in Italian dairy tradition, this is a semi-fat hard cheese which is produced from non pasteurised semi-skimmed cow's milk. Rich in calcium and protein, its water content is never higher than 30%. This means that the...

€9.30-11 % €8.30

Pecorino romano DOP buccia nera stagionato 8 - 11 mesi ns. selezione


The sharpness of taste depends on the period of maturation. The texture of this cheese is slightly granular but soft at the same time and is presented with a remarkably consistent crust. The scent has notes of fresh milk with a pleasant smoky...

€5.70-9 % €5.20

Provolone artigianale del Monaco


Provolone from the Campania region is still handmade following the process of traditional production and maturation, which varies between 6 and 18 months. A tasty cheese that goes well with local red wines such as Aglianico. A great story is...

€20.10-10 % €18.10

Special Offers

Have you ever prepared caprese with buffalo mozzarella? Have you ever tasted a young pecorino Romano cheese accompanied with a good honey? And dined with Parmigiano Reggiano? Starting now you can delight your palate with the finest Italian specialties. Nicola's passion for good food is everywhere in his store, inside of which you'll find a section dedicated to special offers. It's all online and all delivered directly to your home. Select the Fontina, Asiago, or Ricotta and you'll save!