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Italian flavours and aromas in a few clicks

Do you fancy eating Italian food but you don't want to spend time looking for a shop, which will search for the kind of product you want? Passione Italiana is the shop that does it all for you, letting you find typical Italian products accurately selected with excellence through a few clicks. Imagine going to a market and finding a trustworthy delicatessen, a wine seller and an oil and vinegar shop, of pasta, sweets and liquors, all of this without queueing and easily from your home, from your tablet or smartphone. All of this and more on Passione Italiana, the perfect marriage between tradition and technology.

You will have a vast range of Italian products at your disposal and they will arrive directly to your home in just a few days from your ordering.

Many delicacies are awaiting you to let you experience the aroma of Italy and to taste its flavours. A good glass of wine, a plate of pasta, a slice of ham or cheese, a little piece of Parmesan or simply a drizzle of olive oil on a slice of fresh bread. Italian slow food comes under those good habits, which have been forgotten with the frenetic lives we lead. Preparing a Mediterranean dish is simple and fast but also tasty and healthy. Passione Italiana is proof that eating well with a speedy preparation can happen.

Fast food, made in Italy

The good food culture has always been a must for Italians. From north to south, choosing quality products from the starter to wine is the Italian prerogative. Over the past few years, the motto “you are what you eat” has been a guideline for people all over the world, not only in Italy. The logic of fast food is opposed and slow food is favourable. It is important to realise that eating well doesn't mean not being able to eat something that is prepared quickly, rather choosing the right products and assembling them i the proper way.

A very famous Italian chef says that even a simple sandwich can be a high quality product and can easily fall into the famous Mediterranean diet  that is good for both our physique and our taste buds. If we choose good oven baked bread, or, why not, even one homemade by us, along with a quality ham that we know the origin of: the best being a culatello or a Parma ham, we can add a slice or two of Reggiano Parmesan cheese and a couple of salad leaves seasoned with extra virgin olive oil or balsamic vinegar from Modena. A quality sandwich, fast to make and fast to eat... fastfood- Italian style.

Suggestion: When you are on your lunch break, remember to take some time for yourselves, accompany this delicious sandwich with a glass of good Italian red wine and then go back to your working day.

Elixir for longevity: red wine

You never age at the table! The proverbs are the wisdom of the people and, in this case, medical studies confirm it. A good diet keep us young! Many foods such as kiwis, green tea and chocolate contain antioxidants, which act against ageing. Red wine is also part of this category. Recently, two Italian researchers, Andrea Bellavia and Nicola Orsini, who work at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, published a scientific study with which they demonstrated that, thanks to the equivalent of a glass of red wine a day, people live longer.

The phenol contained in the skin of the grape is responsible for its anti-ageing quality and red wine is made with must. This is different to that of white wine that is obtained without the contact of grape skin. So, Fromm the skin of the grape, the elixir for a longer life is made.

We need not fear ageing any longer! A good glass of Italian red wine will give us a longer life.

If we add the benefits on the cardiovascular system due to its antioxidant properties, we can confirm that at the Italian table, you never age!

Spring picnic

Finally the springtime is showing itself and so we may begin to go for outdoor strolls with the family and for bike rides through the fields. Being together in this lovely weather is a great opportunity to regroup, to relax our minds and have fun. In Italy a spring picnic is tradition and on Easter Monday this is absolutely indispensable. However, we all know that no one wants to give up our typical Easter Monday Lunch so we have to organise ourselves well! The online shops give everyone the possibility to buy high quality products at convenient prices and above all without moving from your house. Have you already thought of what to cook? Then there's no time to lose, get to our online market and begin filling up your basket.

First of all, I'd like to let you know that our food is certified for its quality, all products are Italian from small businesses, which are close by and work on the products on their own land. You can prepare a yummy omelette with truffle cream, a salad with balsamic vinegar from Modena, a pasta salad with buffalo mozzarella and pachino tomatoes. To have an original picnic, you can even choose a local loaf of bread and buy all of your products from the Lazio or the Campania region and let your friends taste an unusual Easter lunch. Don't forget to take a good bottle of Italian wine with you to toast this special day!

A special gift

For Italians, choosing a good wine is never easy. Special attention must be paid when purchasing wine because it is associated with special occasions: organising a dinner for friends, a romantic dinner, even a treat to take to friends' and relatives' houses. Buying an Italian wine can not be rushed, it is a choice that is to be pondered upon and all the factors need to be taken into account: who the wine is for, what food will accompany it, if there will be women present, where the guests come from and many other shades of decision making technique.

We can give you advice on how to make a grand impression and to enjoy a night in company with a lovely glass of Italian wine. First of all it helps if you know, even more-or-less, the dishes that are to be served, we can  give you a few suggestions: if the menu consists of fish, obviously we advise an Italian white wine, like Passerina. This is a wine, which goes well with all sea food dishes and can be enjoyed right from the starter. If, on the other hand, the meal is set to be land based and you would like to exalt all of the flavours, a red wine would be ideal, preferably the Amarone di Valpolicella; it is an important wine, full bodied and a definite must-taste, one of those wines that just takes you. We suggest that you pour out this wine about an hour before it is due to be enjoyed, however. If you have decided to wow your guests with a homemade pie or pastry dish and you want to give a gourmet feel to the meal, a dry white wine such as Vermaccia di Oristano di Riserva is by far what you need to make the most of the evening.

The Italian spin on wine, cuisine, a perfectly laid table and the people who you most enjoy spending your time with will not only better your day... but your life!

Suggestions by Aldo: pizza bread with mortadella

Welcome, everyone! Today I'm here to tell you about one of my biggest passions, Italian food... I know, my body doesn't keep that secret very well, but I'm here to tell you that having a plate of Italian food in front of you is a real pleasure both for one's eyes and for the spirit. The delicatessen is my kingdom and that it becomes for everyone who visits to try my delicacies. I can't stress enough the importance of my products all being local to the area, all cold-cuts are packaged by certified companies; bringing Italy to the table is my joyous mission.

My customers can take an Italian holiday through the flavours of our regions without moving from their own homes. Anyone can take advantage of my sound advice whenever needed by visiting and opening the chat. Know that the true Italian flavours can be found even in the most simple things, such as a panino, and so today I would like to suggest a typical Italian snack from Rome: pizza bread with Mortadella di Bologna. It's taste is unique and inimitable if, and only if, the ingredients are of top quality. Let me paint you a picture: lunch break, nice stroll, bench, sun and tranquillity, “a quarter of pizza with Mortadella di Bologna” (as the Romans say) and a glass of light and fruity Italian white wine... a day like this is like no other. And you have Aldo's word.

With Nicola, every cheese has its own story

Ciao! I'm Nicola and on, I take care of the online cheese shop. Today, I'd like to tell you about my experience with the caciocavallo di razza podolica. Since I have been looking after the cheese shop, I have been thinking that to get to know the products better, it would be interesting to visit the places where they are made.

For this reason, from May last year I went travelling to the pastures of the “podoliche” cows in Basilicata, the region of Italy that, together with other southern regions, is home to a breed of cows from which this special milk is produced, making dairy a real gem of the table in these areas. Visiting a pasture of the podolica breed of cow helps you to understand that, even with the given difficulties, amazing results can be produced. This I say because one would presume that the arid pasture, typical of the south, would not produce such a prestigious cheese like caciocavallo di razza podolica. I chose to visit in May because this is the period in which the pastures are in full bloom and the grass on which the cows feed is particularly rich of aroma, giving the dairy its signature taste of caciocavallo podolico.

I was curious to observe the podoliche cows being milked. They don't allow themselves to be milked easily because they are used to a natural state where they only willingly give milk to their calves, sometimes used to ease the process: on one side they latch a calf to feed while the milk is taken from the other side to produce caciocavallo podolico. After the milking, I assisted in the coagulation of the milk, which was made with a quarter rennet of veal and a quarter of lamb, or kid for an even richer taste. After coagulation and ripening I attended the spinning, a fun moment when the dairymen shape the spun dough.

One in front of the other with the dough spread out on a wooden board, the two talented cheese-makers modelled the dough until it took the caciocavallo podolico's classic shape of a long pear. The shapes then became immersed in brine for 48 hours and once the cheese had taken the perfect amount of salt, I saw how the beginning of the maturation process took place. Unfortunately, I could not stay long in Basilicata, but the homeowners showed me where the rods where the cheeses are then hung for 15 days and the tuff caves where the maturation continues.

Before reaching our tables, the caciocavallo di mucca podolica has to pass through all of these phases, which I hope I have explained well to you. When one tastes a product, the work that is behind it isn't always perceivable.

A wholesome snack with Acacia honey

I'm Elena and before selling desserts online, I am an aunt!

I have many nieces and nephews and I often spoil them by giving then chocolate and sweets from my shop. The authenticity of products on sale permits me to give my nieces and nephews the possibility to taste old flavours and at the same time for them to get to know some real life delicacies from various parts of Italy. Amongst the old flavours I introduced them to acacia honey, this natural ailment, a great sweetener, important to fix calcium in the bones and for this reason is fundamental during growth.

Obviously, trying to convince children the importance of an ailment like acacia honey to get strong bones was not an easy task. Surely for them it is much tastier to eat a slice of bread with chocolate spread, children don't have the same sweet tooth for acacia honey! To introduce this to the children of my brothers, I adopted this strategy that took me back through time. I sat on the sofa at home with all of the children around me and we watched an episode of Maya the Honeybee. And it worked! At the end of the episode I prepared them slices of toast with a bit of Bottega39 Acacia Honey on top. We had just seen the best known honeybee in the history of cartoons with the cruets of honey together with her insect friends and, curious, they wanted to try that which the ancient Greeks considered the food of the Gods. On our tables this honey can have different uses, from a spread at breakfast to a base for dessert preparation and even combined with hard cheeses