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Wine tasting

Today I'd like to give you some advice on how to properly taste wine just like a sommelier, it is definitely not as easy as it sounds but it is fun, that's for sure! I have to say, for good wine lovers, it is a new way to discover something new about wine. Wine tasting follows strict and precise  rules, there are three principle steps during tasting of wine, the attachment, evolution and gran finale.

The attachment is the moment in which the wine is first perceived to the taste buds, and it is in this moment that the wine's softness, roundness and flexibility is enjoyed. To note these characteristics, you need to study them deeply but, if you reflect well during the tasting process, you will understand these qualities in a more simple way. In the evolution phase, we can start to understand the structure of the wine, changes that the wine makes can be noted in the mouth. During the last stage, the persistence, aroma and length of the flavour of the wine can be understood.

As you already know, white wine gives different sensations respect of that of a red wine and every time is a new discovery.

The first time that I explain these steps to my customers, they always ask many questions to try to better understand how to recognise certain characteristics and I have to say that most of them start to really understand the various characteristics of wine. Now it's your turn and, if you have questions, you can consult the chat on as I am always at your service.