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Blog posts tagged with 'pasta'

The choice of pasta

When we think of Italian cuisine, pasta automatically springs to mind. I'd say that this association is more than correct. However, I would like to highlight that not all types of pasta are the same and above all do not go with every kind of condiment. In my shop you can find pasta, snacks and above all you can buy high quality pasta online. The quality of the pasta is fundamental for the creation of a good dish: consistency, precision in cooking and the capacity of absorbing the condiment are all characteristics that make a product excel.

If we think of various Italian recipes, we think of tradition but surely the Italians made variations of the indications and passed them along from mother to daughter. Take the Spaghetti all'Amatriciana, for example. There's no doubt about it that this type of sauce goes very well with the type of pasta but many choose to use the penne style of pasta as an alternative and I must say that I have also chosen this variation once or twice with my children and they really enjoy it. Another idea that I'll give you, is to try mezze maniche style of pasta with a carbonara sauce; in this case I prefer by far this style to a traditional spaghetti. Do you know why? ...the guanciale bacon goes inside the pasta and it all blends together very well and what's more, it is much easier to cook for many people.

If you have a pasta salad in mind, I'd like to suggest fusilli pasta. It is pretty to look at when mixed with tomatoes, cheese, tuna, sweetcorn and it stays al dente.

With a little fantasy and something in the fridge, you can make an absolute quality plate of pasta and enjoy a lovely lunch with the whole family.

Anna's whims

I have been working here for many a year, my shop has become my home and slowly over time I have been decorating it exactly as I always wanted it. I have always loved being amongst many people and I have always thought that a successful gathering is not only necessary for my clients, but for me, too. I know what food shopping is all about and, in an Italian families choose their food with passion to take to the table! We live a more frenetic life, nowadays, but in Italy, quality food is still our motto.

I see it every single day: my clients walk in to buy pasta and some snacks to whip up a quick lunch but everything has to be of high quality. My whims, for example, are the tastiest and every Sunday are there for my family to enjoy together. It has become a ritual, that of trademarking the Sunday table with artichokes in oil, Neopolitan broccoli, sliced aubergines  and so much more that, at only the thought of them, my mouth is watering!

After toasting all together with a good prosecco and having eaten some of my delicacies, we all sit at the table and enjoy our hearty Italian Sunday lunch. It has been weeks that my sons have been asking me to make the recipes of and bit by bit, we are trying them all! Our house is so joyous with these really tasty treats!

Welcome to Italia

Welcome to the webshop where we sell good food according to our own philosophy. The site was born when three friends were chatting over their plates of pasta and toasting with a good Italian wine. The grand beauty that is Italy revolves around quality: the quality of its art, the quality of its history, the quality of its tradition and quality of food. Food, for the Italians, is a way to simply be together, a way to celebrate, food is culture.

With the webshop we wanted to introduce tradition to technology, we made the 2.0 generation available for typical Italian products all excellently and exclusively made in Italy. We hope to share the pleasure of conversing around the table full of typical Italian products with you. We are convinced that it will be really easy to bring a bit of Italy to your home. With only a few clicks, products can be with you in a few hours: a pasta of high quality packaged in bronze, the right tomato for preparing a tasty sauce, extra virgin olive oil, buffalo mozzarella, Italian wine... and much, much more.

On the website you can find recipes to guide you in the preparation of lunches and dinners for your guests, on our blog you will find endless advice to buy particular products and to choose rightly. We aim to bring our Italian Passion- Passione Italiana directly to your door!

Italian flavours and aromas in a few clicks

Do you fancy eating Italian food but you don't want to spend time looking for a shop, which will search for the kind of product you want? Passione Italiana is the shop that does it all for you, letting you find typical Italian products accurately selected with excellence through a few clicks. Imagine going to a market and finding a trustworthy delicatessen, a wine seller and an oil and vinegar shop, of pasta, sweets and liquors, all of this without queueing and easily from your home, from your tablet or smartphone. All of this and more on Passione Italiana, the perfect marriage between tradition and technology.

You will have a vast range of Italian products at your disposal and they will arrive directly to your home in just a few days from your ordering.

Many delicacies are awaiting you to let you experience the aroma of Italy and to taste its flavours. A good glass of wine, a plate of pasta, a slice of ham or cheese, a little piece of Parmesan or simply a drizzle of olive oil on a slice of fresh bread. Italian slow food comes under those good habits, which have been forgotten with the frenetic lives we lead. Preparing a Mediterranean dish is simple and fast but also tasty and healthy. Passione Italiana is proof that eating well with a speedy preparation can happen.