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Blog posts tagged with 'ham'

Feedback from Aldo's customers

Today I've decided to start to talk to you all in a different way, while until now I have chosen to tell you of the experiences of my flavourful shop, from today, sometimes my customers will give you some pointers, suggestions, or just to tell you of little anecdotes. This morning, as every day, a university student who lives close by came past the shop to buy some ham and, as always, we had a chat and she told me of a great evening that she organised with her housemates and lots of other friends on Saturday night.

"The shopping I did was exceptional, without spending a lot, and with a little imagination and above all with your advice, we set a table to remember. First of all, we made the famous Italian antipasto with all of the tasty cold cuts and many types of bread. Then we prepared two different first courses, Amatriciana and Carbonara... Everyone cleared their plates, it was a great success. Then, as you suggested, we went to Elena and Luigi's shop and we chose our desert wine and a few biscuits."

Christmas Appetisers

Good morning everyone! This morning I got to the shop early, I tidied up the counter, finished decorating for Christmas and started to think of what to suggest to my customers for the dinners that they are usually enjoying over this period of the year with friends as they celebrate with those who won't be with them on Christmas day. There are many regular customers that trust my advice to the letter and helping them really is a pleasure for me. First thing in the morning, Mariateresa came in, a girl who has lived in Rome for a long time, a large portion of her family is here with her to enjoy the festive season with her and she would like to organise an aperitif for everyone to toast and enjoy a few hours together.We thought up a menu together and discussed cold cuts. First of all I advised her to make toasted sandwiches with fontina cheese and Tuscan roasted ham, this is not a simple sandwich, but rather a gourmet variation. We also talked about a classic soft white bun with a thin layer of savoury butter and a good Cinta Senese salami. We decided that ham cannot be missing from the table and we chose together one sweet and one mature.

It is obvious that we need a good bottle to toast with so I passed the word to my friend Luigi  and gave his sound advice to Mariateresa regarding which wine to purchase. In a few days we shall here how the evening went but, for me, celebrating a little along with my customers is the best thing.

Aldo's ham sandwich

It's true that my "figure" doesn't lie, surely my passion for food is quite obvious, for taste and all things yummy! My customers tell me that, when I describe the Italian cold cuts available at my counter, I always make their mouths water and they can't leave without buying something good. For me, food is happiness, conviviality, the explosion of tastes is new and unique every single time.

This morning a regular customer came to my shop, a kind woman, bubbly, a sporty woman who pays attention to her physique, but there is one thing she can't resist- ham. And as I always have done with all of my customers, I got her into bad habits and every time she walks into the shop she manages to find a different ham to try. Some are cut by hand, others using the slicer, and when I see the smile in people's eyes at the very taste, I feel well paid!

She trusts my judgement every day and at lunch eats ham and bread followed by a fruit, every time we choose a different ham and bread together, even if she goes in fads, this lady has preferred Parma Ham for a while now but is trying culatello. I plan to let her try matured ham next. This woman is right: a glass of Italian red wine and a ham sandwich are a real treat to the palate.