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Every time of the year has its own dessert

This is the time of year that I prefer when it comes to desserts, and carnival time is when I eat wonderful goodies that take me years back, I can never wait! The first day of carnival always puts me in a state of joy and cheerfulness, coming into the shop and tasting frappe and chestnuts really is a wonderful moment. I'm telling you about this because giving the gift of sweets is always an important time to share. When you are invited to dinner, or are celebrating something, desserts are always a welcome treat. I must say that in my shop there are always many choices of optimum quality.

I often make up particular hampers, in which I like to put products if excellence, such as my chocolate, Mattei biscuits and other sweet goods that can be found in my shop. Don't hesitate to give the gift of a confection of good desserts, and why not add a dessert wine to enjoy together with friends and family. Moments of sharing are the most beautiful that we can experience in our lives, let's accompany these moments with taste!


For me it's always a pleasure to chat to you, even more so when I have the possibility to talk about a great passion of mine... Actually, a passion of my whole family, chocolate.

Every time we think about eating something good, one of those things that makes the moment really satisfying is inevitably chocolate. We always have a thousand hesitations before eating a piece of chocolate because it is fattening and it gives us spots... It is, however, one of those snacks that puts a smile on our faces.

Chocolate can be used in a thousand ways, just think that in a typical Roman oxtail recipe, a touch of class is given to it by grating plain chocolate on it. But the really exquisite thing to make with chocolate are cakes, we can list thousands but one of the easiest and tastiest to make is the "stracciatella" chocolate chip cake, a great sweet idea to have for breakfast for the whole family.

A good plain chocolate can be an optimum dessert when served with rum and makes for a very chic end of meal treat if both of the protagonists are of high quality: the plain chocolate has to be the real thing, at least 70% brings out the flavour of the rum... Would you like to know the special finishing touch? A Cuban cigar, and the taste will be perfect!

A wholesome snack with Acacia honey

I'm Elena and before selling desserts online, I am an aunt!

I have many nieces and nephews and I often spoil them by giving then chocolate and sweets from my shop. The authenticity of products on sale permits me to give my nieces and nephews the possibility to taste old flavours and at the same time for them to get to know some real life delicacies from various parts of Italy. Amongst the old flavours I introduced them to acacia honey, this natural ailment, a great sweetener, important to fix calcium in the bones and for this reason is fundamental during growth.

Obviously, trying to convince children the importance of an ailment like acacia honey to get strong bones was not an easy task. Surely for them it is much tastier to eat a slice of bread with chocolate spread, children don't have the same sweet tooth for acacia honey! To introduce this to the children of my brothers, I adopted this strategy that took me back through time. I sat on the sofa at home with all of the children around me and we watched an episode of Maya the Honeybee. And it worked! At the end of the episode I prepared them slices of toast with a bit of Bottega39 Acacia Honey on top. We had just seen the best known honeybee in the history of cartoons with the cruets of honey together with her insect friends and, curious, they wanted to try that which the ancient Greeks considered the food of the Gods. On our tables this honey can have different uses, from a spread at breakfast to a base for dessert preparation and even combined with hard cheeses