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Blog posts tagged with 'Italian products'

The choice of wine

I have seen all of my collegues from talking to you about Easter, about how to prepare breakfast, which desserts to choose and much more, I obviously can't avoid telling you about the wonderful time you will have choosing the wine for Easter Sunday and Easter Monday, which is famous in Italy. Today I would like to tell you about quality and advise you on Italian wines of a higher level to really give you true Italian excellence.

I'm not going to rave on about Made in Italy products nor about Italian food and drink because we all know about our pride, that we export throughout the world. The thing that we should be doing is appreciating Italian products of true excellence that, sometimes, we don't even know about. We have to feel proud of what we have and also enjoy that which makes us world famous.

In my online shop it is easy to choose, first of all through our online chat where we can give you advice, but if you want to do it by yourself, that isn't a problem, you can choose the kind of wine and the region of origin, click your preferred red wine or white wine into your basket and it can be enjoyed at your Easter lunch table.

Elena's Delicacies

We are already preparing our Easter holiday, definitely amongst the most joyous days of the year.  Spring is a moment of extreme calm for everyone, the sun shines and the sky is blue, the days get longer and we have the possibility to see many more smiles around us. Another reason to be positive is surely the preparation of the Easter lunch, but above all the tasting of the desserts and chocolate.

As you all know, my shop is the king of the sweet tooth and quality and, as I choose my hand made products personally, I don't want that my shelves are full to the brim of commercial produce, but that I display home made Italian products.

I could reel off a list of products that you should choose to sweeten your spring days and to accompany the Easter egg in this wonderful season, but I wouldn't be able to choose. This is why my best advice would be to go and take a look around my online shop and click your favourite items into your basket!

Suggestions by Aldo: pizza bread with mortadella

Welcome, everyone! Today I'm here to tell you about one of my biggest passions, Italian food... I know, my body doesn't keep that secret very well, but I'm here to tell you that having a plate of Italian food in front of you is a real pleasure both for one's eyes and for the spirit. The delicatessen is my kingdom and that it becomes for everyone who visits to try my delicacies. I can't stress enough the importance of my products all being local to the area, all cold-cuts are packaged by certified companies; bringing Italy to the table is my joyous mission.

My customers can take an Italian holiday through the flavours of our regions without moving from their own homes. Anyone can take advantage of my sound advice whenever needed by visiting and opening the chat. Know that the true Italian flavours can be found even in the most simple things, such as a panino, and so today I would like to suggest a typical Italian snack from Rome: pizza bread with Mortadella di Bologna. It's taste is unique and inimitable if, and only if, the ingredients are of top quality. Let me paint you a picture: lunch break, nice stroll, bench, sun and tranquillity, “a quarter of pizza with Mortadella di Bologna” (as the Romans say) and a glass of light and fruity Italian white wine... a day like this is like no other. And you have Aldo's word.