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Blog posts tagged with 'Easter egg'

Elena's Delicacies

We are already preparing our Easter holiday, definitely amongst the most joyous days of the year.  Spring is a moment of extreme calm for everyone, the sun shines and the sky is blue, the days get longer and we have the possibility to see many more smiles around us. Another reason to be positive is surely the preparation of the Easter lunch, but above all the tasting of the desserts and chocolate.

As you all know, my shop is the king of the sweet tooth and quality and, as I choose my hand made products personally, I don't want that my shelves are full to the brim of commercial produce, but that I display home made Italian products.

I could reel off a list of products that you should choose to sweeten your spring days and to accompany the Easter egg in this wonderful season, but I wouldn't be able to choose. This is why my best advice would be to go and take a look around my online shop and click your favourite items into your basket!

Easter Breakfast

If there is something I love about Easter, it is the breakfast. At my house it is a tradition not to be broken, basically we eat and eat through to lunch, mixing sweet and savoury at will.

Visiting the shops of,  I found everything that I need for the best table top, which will satisfy the Easter whims of my parents and brother. It starts with the asparagus omelette, a traditional dish for Easter breakfast, then we move on to a board of ham, salami, sausage, lonza and many others with a selection of cheeses. Everything is of high quality, a good glass of red wine, the ever present Easter egg and then the Easter pizza bread, both sweet and savoury.

It is a moment that I always remember with great pleasure and lots of love: I remember my grandmother who prepared the morning Easter feast, the mornings in which I always wanted to refuse as I would have liked my usual cappuccino and sweet cake; today, however, I wouldn't know how to refuse such a tradition as I hold the day close with my friends and relatives.

On 5th April, don't forget to set the table with lots of colour and good flavours!