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Easter Breakfast

If there is something I love about Easter, it is the breakfast. At my house it is a tradition not to be broken, basically we eat and eat through to lunch, mixing sweet and savoury at will.

Visiting the shops of,  I found everything that I need for the best table top, which will satisfy the Easter whims of my parents and brother. It starts with the asparagus omelette, a traditional dish for Easter breakfast, then we move on to a board of ham, salami, sausage, lonza and many others with a selection of cheeses. Everything is of high quality, a good glass of red wine, the ever present Easter egg and then the Easter pizza bread, both sweet and savoury.

It is a moment that I always remember with great pleasure and lots of love: I remember my grandmother who prepared the morning Easter feast, the mornings in which I always wanted to refuse as I would have liked my usual cappuccino and sweet cake; today, however, I wouldn't know how to refuse such a tradition as I hold the day close with my friends and relatives.

On 5th April, don't forget to set the table with lots of colour and good flavours!