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Blog posts tagged with 'Amatriciana'

Carlo Cracco and "la Gricia"

Over the past few days there has been a debate amongst the noble fathers of the Amatriciana dish and the Michelin Starred Chef, Carlo Cracco. Carlo, on Masterchef Italia, told us all that we should use onions when we make the dish. I respect and admire Carlo Cracco for the fine research he has conducted on raw materials not to mention his flair in the kitchen. I personally have nothing bad to say about his recipes, but there are certain traditions that should be respected and not adapted at all.

The Amatriciana and the Gricia (Amatriciana without tomato) are great thanks to the raw materials that are used, a little like most of the Italian cuisine. Our Mediterranean cuisine is simple and quick simply because it is the actual quality of the product that makes the big difference. If we have a good guanciale bacon and a nice pecorino cheese, the Gricia comes out much more goumet at any table.

Lets say that this mini dispute was a fun one and reminded us of the poets, navigators, artists and cooks within ourselves!

Feedback from Aldo's customers

Today I've decided to start to talk to you all in a different way, while until now I have chosen to tell you of the experiences of my flavourful shop, from today, sometimes my customers will give you some pointers, suggestions, or just to tell you of little anecdotes. This morning, as every day, a university student who lives close by came past the shop to buy some ham and, as always, we had a chat and she told me of a great evening that she organised with her housemates and lots of other friends on Saturday night.

"The shopping I did was exceptional, without spending a lot, and with a little imagination and above all with your advice, we set a table to remember. First of all, we made the famous Italian antipasto with all of the tasty cold cuts and many types of bread. Then we prepared two different first courses, Amatriciana and Carbonara... Everyone cleared their plates, it was a great success. Then, as you suggested, we went to Elena and Luigi's shop and we chose our desert wine and a few biscuits."