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Blog posts of '2015' 'February'

Wine tasting

Today I'd like to give you some advice on how to properly taste wine just like a sommelier, it is definitely not as easy as it sounds but it is fun, that's for sure! I have to say, for good wine lovers, it is a new way to discover something new about wine. Wine tasting follows strict and precise  rules, there are three principle steps during tasting of wine, the attachment, evolution and gran finale.

The attachment is the moment in which the wine is first perceived to the taste buds, and it is in this moment that the wine's softness, roundness and flexibility is enjoyed. To note these characteristics, you need to study them deeply but, if you reflect well during the tasting process, you will understand these qualities in a more simple way. In the evolution phase, we can start to understand the structure of the wine, changes that the wine makes can be noted in the mouth. During the last stage, the persistence, aroma and length of the flavour of the wine can be understood.

As you already know, white wine gives different sensations respect of that of a red wine and every time is a new discovery.

The first time that I explain these steps to my customers, they always ask many questions to try to better understand how to recognise certain characteristics and I have to say that most of them start to really understand the various characteristics of wine. Now it's your turn and, if you have questions, you can consult the chat on as I am always at your service. 

Every time of the year has its own dessert

This is the time of year that I prefer when it comes to desserts, and carnival time is when I eat wonderful goodies that take me years back, I can never wait! The first day of carnival always puts me in a state of joy and cheerfulness, coming into the shop and tasting frappe and chestnuts really is a wonderful moment. I'm telling you about this because giving the gift of sweets is always an important time to share. When you are invited to dinner, or are celebrating something, desserts are always a welcome treat. I must say that in my shop there are always many choices of optimum quality.

I often make up particular hampers, in which I like to put products if excellence, such as my chocolate, Mattei biscuits and other sweet goods that can be found in my shop. Don't hesitate to give the gift of a confection of good desserts, and why not add a dessert wine to enjoy together with friends and family. Moments of sharing are the most beautiful that we can experience in our lives, let's accompany these moments with taste!

Feedback from Aldo's customers

Today I've decided to start to talk to you all in a different way, while until now I have chosen to tell you of the experiences of my flavourful shop, from today, sometimes my customers will give you some pointers, suggestions, or just to tell you of little anecdotes. This morning, as every day, a university student who lives close by came past the shop to buy some ham and, as always, we had a chat and she told me of a great evening that she organised with her housemates and lots of other friends on Saturday night.

"The shopping I did was exceptional, without spending a lot, and with a little imagination and above all with your advice, we set a table to remember. First of all, we made the famous Italian antipasto with all of the tasty cold cuts and many types of bread. Then we prepared two different first courses, Amatriciana and Carbonara... Everyone cleared their plates, it was a great success. Then, as you suggested, we went to Elena and Luigi's shop and we chose our desert wine and a few biscuits."

Valentines Dinner

Maybe celebrating Valentines day isn't exactly chic, but I have always had the opinion that you need to find a reason to celebrate and celebrate one another, so the lovers holiday is a great occasion to treat yourselves to a nice evening. Over this holiday, I always advise my customers, especially the gentlemen, to prepare a particular dinner for the special evening and accompany it by his partner's favourite bottle of wine. First of all, we know that women tend to prefer white wine, the most important thing is to choose the correct wine to exalt the meal. A Valentines dinner should be elegant and light, particular flavours must not be missing from the evening, and a selection of cheeses are preferable to serve at the end of the meal. I advise customers to start with a small aperitif of prosecco, home made tartlets and other finger food, but without making too much. This will present the dinner in the best of ways. For the rest of the dinner, choose that which you prefer to eat, even a traditional menu adding a touch of elegance.

... and don't forget to toast with a good Italian wine!

Nicola's tales

My dearest friends, here we are again talking about that, which we are most passionate about, that which helps us pass many a fine evening and that fills our hearts and gives our eyes a treat: food! For us Italians, as many of you know, food isn't just about eating, it is much more than that. It is a way for us to spend time together and to give those we love a treat. I have a childhood memory of my grandmother and how she showed us affection through cooking our favourite dishes for us. I remember her calling and asking, "will you come to Nonna's for lunch? I've made your favourite!" For us, food is our daily life and it means family. This is the reason I love my job, because I help those who need it to make their important events special. When the children leave for university and are due to come back, the mothers want to make their favourite special dishes, when a man wants to make a loving dinner for his partner, when a group of friends want to have a get-together one evening, I am with them and I toast with them!
You don't need to be a chef to eat well, it is more than enough to have the right quality of product, a simple sandwich can be gourmet and an antipasto can be a delicacy! My cheese deli is always available for your delicious evenings!