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Blog posts of '2014' 'December'

Christmas Appetisers

Good morning everyone! This morning I got to the shop early, I tidied up the counter, finished decorating for Christmas and started to think of what to suggest to my customers for the dinners that they are usually enjoying over this period of the year with friends as they celebrate with those who won't be with them on Christmas day. There are many regular customers that trust my advice to the letter and helping them really is a pleasure for me. First thing in the morning, Mariateresa came in, a girl who has lived in Rome for a long time, a large portion of her family is here with her to enjoy the festive season with her and she would like to organise an aperitif for everyone to toast and enjoy a few hours together.We thought up a menu together and discussed cold cuts. First of all I advised her to make toasted sandwiches with fontina cheese and Tuscan roasted ham, this is not a simple sandwich, but rather a gourmet variation. We also talked about a classic soft white bun with a thin layer of savoury butter and a good Cinta Senese salami. We decided that ham cannot be missing from the table and we chose together one sweet and one mature.

It is obvious that we need a good bottle to toast with so I passed the word to my friend Luigi  and gave his sound advice to Mariateresa regarding which wine to purchase. In a few days we shall here how the evening went but, for me, celebrating a little along with my customers is the best thing.

The history of Barbaresco: the great wine of Piedmont.

Today I'd like to display my eye for wine by presenting you with one of the best Italian wines, which has been called the great wine of Piedmont. Barbaresco is a wine of ancient origin and was even quoted in Tito Livio's monumental History of Rome. According to ancient tradition, the Gauls arrived in Italy because they were attracted to this exceptional wine that got its name from that, which used to be a region of Cuneese; barbariche that erupted in Italy before and after the falling of Rome.

Much time ago, Barbaresco was actually called Nebbiolo or Barolo but afterwards, with the adding of muscatel and passaretta, the wine took on a unique taste, giving it  it's own personality. the Barbaresco has been mentioned in 1799 when the general Melas celebrated his victory over the French by asking for a glass of Nebbiolo Barbaresco.

It was so until Professor Domizio Cavazza, expert enologist, commenced the production of Barolo that we know today.

I shall give you a very earthy word of advice: Barbaresco goes exceptionally well with rich and full first courses, a glass of Barbaresco and a plate of fettuccine with truffles will make your day better.