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The Mixed Grill

The mixed grill is a way to enjoy time together, not only in Italy, but in many anglo saxon countries, too. Organising a barbeque in the garden is a fun time for all families. Even a mixed grill can give great satisfaction, no matter how simple the cooking is. Grilled meat can be enriched by adding bruschette to the equation, prepared with extra virgin olive oil with one of our various patěs on offer in Anna’s online shop.

The mixed grill is not only for meat lovers, but a vegetarian can also enjoy the goodies that the grill has to offer. First of all, grilled vegetables are delicious when they are cooked well and seasoned with extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper.

Not only vegetables are available, however, we can add wonderful bruschette that can be served with artichoke, asparagus or truffle patěs.

Around the barbeque, the whole family can reunite, no one excluded, the barbeque is not only for lovers of meat!

The choice of wine

I have seen all of my collegues from talking to you about Easter, about how to prepare breakfast, which desserts to choose and much more, I obviously can't avoid telling you about the wonderful time you will have choosing the wine for Easter Sunday and Easter Monday, which is famous in Italy. Today I would like to tell you about quality and advise you on Italian wines of a higher level to really give you true Italian excellence.

I'm not going to rave on about Made in Italy products nor about Italian food and drink because we all know about our pride, that we export throughout the world. The thing that we should be doing is appreciating Italian products of true excellence that, sometimes, we don't even know about. We have to feel proud of what we have and also enjoy that which makes us world famous.

In my online shop it is easy to choose, first of all through our online chat where we can give you advice, but if you want to do it by yourself, that isn't a problem, you can choose the kind of wine and the region of origin, click your preferred red wine or white wine into your basket and it can be enjoyed at your Easter lunch table.

Elena's Delicacies

We are already preparing our Easter holiday, definitely amongst the most joyous days of the year.  Spring is a moment of extreme calm for everyone, the sun shines and the sky is blue, the days get longer and we have the possibility to see many more smiles around us. Another reason to be positive is surely the preparation of the Easter lunch, but above all the tasting of the desserts and chocolate.

As you all know, my shop is the king of the sweet tooth and quality and, as I choose my hand made products personally, I don't want that my shelves are full to the brim of commercial produce, but that I display home made Italian products.

I could reel off a list of products that you should choose to sweeten your spring days and to accompany the Easter egg in this wonderful season, but I wouldn't be able to choose. This is why my best advice would be to go and take a look around my online shop and click your favourite items into your basket!

Easter Breakfast

If there is something I love about Easter, it is the breakfast. At my house it is a tradition not to be broken, basically we eat and eat through to lunch, mixing sweet and savoury at will.

Visiting the shops of,  I found everything that I need for the best table top, which will satisfy the Easter whims of my parents and brother. It starts with the asparagus omelette, a traditional dish for Easter breakfast, then we move on to a board of ham, salami, sausage, lonza and many others with a selection of cheeses. Everything is of high quality, a good glass of red wine, the ever present Easter egg and then the Easter pizza bread, both sweet and savoury.

It is a moment that I always remember with great pleasure and lots of love: I remember my grandmother who prepared the morning Easter feast, the mornings in which I always wanted to refuse as I would have liked my usual cappuccino and sweet cake; today, however, I wouldn't know how to refuse such a tradition as I hold the day close with my friends and relatives.

On 5th April, don't forget to set the table with lots of colour and good flavours!

Father's Day Lunch

Father's day is just around the corner and, as always, every one of us would like to celebrate our father in the best way possible with the best and most original and practical gift. I have realised, over the years, that the best gift I can give my Dad is to cook him a lovely lunch with everything that he likes the most. This way I know for sure that he will enjoy his day and, above all, will really get the feeling that we have been thinking of him throughout the day, something that is special.

The cusine that my father prefers is traditional Italian and the quality of the raw materials used is obvious to him, obviously, for this reason I turned to for Aldo, Nicola and Luigi's advice and was able to achieve a perfect lunch with bells on, not only for the recipes but for all of the products that I was able to find for our traditional menu.

It was quite easy to bring everything from the antipasto to the dessert to the table with al of the special touches that my father appreciates. He particularly enjoyed the combination of the good food, red wine and grappa at the end of the meal.

Italian Father's Day with flavour

I discovered that father's day is something we celebrate in most of the world, therefore I have chosen to talk to you today about how 19th Marh can be a day of magical festivities. My daughters are big now so they don't wait in anticipation as I open the handmade gift they made at school and they don't smother me in kisses and cuddles as they used to. That said, they have never lost the meaning of the day and they always tell their dad that they love him and always make a wonderful lunch on the day.

You must be thinking... 'it's easy for them having Italian food at hand for their daddy!'. This is for sure and is the reason that I would like to enlighten sons and daughters of the world with in my suggestions for a father's day treat fr the taste buds! Dad will be over the moon and you can share the joyous day with the family.

A hamper full of doc Italian cheeses with a bottle or two of a fine Italian wine is the best way to enjoy father's day together with family. According to Italian tradition, on father's day you eat a kind of profiterole called "Bigne di San Giuseppe" so don't forget to accompany them with a lovely dessert wine.

Carlo Cracco and "la Gricia"

Over the past few days there has been a debate amongst the noble fathers of the Amatriciana dish and the Michelin Starred Chef, Carlo Cracco. Carlo, on Masterchef Italia, told us all that we should use onions when we make the dish. I respect and admire Carlo Cracco for the fine research he has conducted on raw materials not to mention his flair in the kitchen. I personally have nothing bad to say about his recipes, but there are certain traditions that should be respected and not adapted at all.

The Amatriciana and the Gricia (Amatriciana without tomato) are great thanks to the raw materials that are used, a little like most of the Italian cuisine. Our Mediterranean cuisine is simple and quick simply because it is the actual quality of the product that makes the big difference. If we have a good guanciale bacon and a nice pecorino cheese, the Gricia comes out much more goumet at any table.

Lets say that this mini dispute was a fun one and reminded us of the poets, navigators, artists and cooks within ourselves!

Wine tasting

Today I'd like to give you some advice on how to properly taste wine just like a sommelier, it is definitely not as easy as it sounds but it is fun, that's for sure! I have to say, for good wine lovers, it is a new way to discover something new about wine. Wine tasting follows strict and precise  rules, there are three principle steps during tasting of wine, the attachment, evolution and gran finale.

The attachment is the moment in which the wine is first perceived to the taste buds, and it is in this moment that the wine's softness, roundness and flexibility is enjoyed. To note these characteristics, you need to study them deeply but, if you reflect well during the tasting process, you will understand these qualities in a more simple way. In the evolution phase, we can start to understand the structure of the wine, changes that the wine makes can be noted in the mouth. During the last stage, the persistence, aroma and length of the flavour of the wine can be understood.

As you already know, white wine gives different sensations respect of that of a red wine and every time is a new discovery.

The first time that I explain these steps to my customers, they always ask many questions to try to better understand how to recognise certain characteristics and I have to say that most of them start to really understand the various characteristics of wine. Now it's your turn and, if you have questions, you can consult the chat on as I am always at your service. 

Every time of the year has its own dessert

This is the time of year that I prefer when it comes to desserts, and carnival time is when I eat wonderful goodies that take me years back, I can never wait! The first day of carnival always puts me in a state of joy and cheerfulness, coming into the shop and tasting frappe and chestnuts really is a wonderful moment. I'm telling you about this because giving the gift of sweets is always an important time to share. When you are invited to dinner, or are celebrating something, desserts are always a welcome treat. I must say that in my shop there are always many choices of optimum quality.

I often make up particular hampers, in which I like to put products if excellence, such as my chocolate, Mattei biscuits and other sweet goods that can be found in my shop. Don't hesitate to give the gift of a confection of good desserts, and why not add a dessert wine to enjoy together with friends and family. Moments of sharing are the most beautiful that we can experience in our lives, let's accompany these moments with taste!

Feedback from Aldo's customers

Today I've decided to start to talk to you all in a different way, while until now I have chosen to tell you of the experiences of my flavourful shop, from today, sometimes my customers will give you some pointers, suggestions, or just to tell you of little anecdotes. This morning, as every day, a university student who lives close by came past the shop to buy some ham and, as always, we had a chat and she told me of a great evening that she organised with her housemates and lots of other friends on Saturday night.

"The shopping I did was exceptional, without spending a lot, and with a little imagination and above all with your advice, we set a table to remember. First of all, we made the famous Italian antipasto with all of the tasty cold cuts and many types of bread. Then we prepared two different first courses, Amatriciana and Carbonara... Everyone cleared their plates, it was a great success. Then, as you suggested, we went to Elena and Luigi's shop and we chose our desert wine and a few biscuits."