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Apple and Speck Risotto

The apple and speck risotto is a typical dish of Trentino Alto Adige that puts together two of the excellent products of the region. The sweetness of the apples and the taste of the speck go very well together mixed with a high quality rice and accompanied by a good white wine from Trentino.


Ingredients for 4 people

320g carnaroli rice

1 shallot

40g butter

2 apples

50g grated Reggiano Parmesan

120g of speck

150ml dry white wine

Pepper to taste

Let's start preparing the apple and speck risotto: first of all, cube the speck, peel the apples and cube them, too. Lastly, finely dice the shallot.

In a casserole pan, melt the butter, adding the shallot and tossing it a little, then adding the rice and letting it toast. Add 100ml of the white wine, a ladle of stock and the speck. Carry on letting the rice cook, adding the broth ladle by ladle when it is absorbed. In a frying pan, put the apples in the remaining 50ml of white wine and add a ladle of broth, let it cook. Half way through the cooking of the rice, add the apples with their broth.

When the rice is cooked, mix it with the Parmesan cheese off the heat. Add salt and more pepper, if required.

Our rice is ready and all that is missing from the table is a good Trentino white wine!

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